LATITUDE is a new and innovative drinks brand developed by a seasoned bartender working closely with an award winning master distiller, both deeply passionate about creating some of the finest spirits in the world.

Our mission is to create a range of drinks that are inspired by nature, the unique characteristics of the planet and what regional ingredients it has to offer along its individual parallel lines of latitude. Fascinated by the history of early explorers, spice trade routes and botany in general, we wanted to embark on our own adventure to explore what exciting ingredients our world has to offer. 


The earth we share is one vast biosphere yet has unique characteristics, climates and localised ecosystems depending on which part of the world you’re standing.
We set out to discover what ingredients grow in different regions of the planet along the parallel line of latitude they each share, from the warm tropical locations along the equator to the cold, harsher climates closer to the earths poles. 


We have put our passion for quality ingredients into each and every bottle, working to develop a range of premium spirits and liqueurs that will take you on a journey of discovery, a journey into a fascinating world of botanicals, fruits and spices carefully crafted into a unique range of exceptional premium drinks. 


Make our adventure yours as we discover what flavours truly connect us around the planet we call home.

Latitude 40ºN Botanical Liqueur
Latitude 55ºN Botanical Spirit




Because we care so much about the natural world we live in, it's extremely important for us to ensure we take every step possible to use as much recycled or recyclable materials in our products.